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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Math Fun for Two!


Last year we played a very fun game of Find and Erase!  I got this idea from a post at The Moffatt Girls blog, and so I made it to fit my grandkids. Since her post was for a toddler I just customized it for a preschooler, and a kinder.  I split the dry erase board down the middle with a squiggly line, then on one side I made numbers and dots.  On the other side I made addition and subtraction problems.  I didn’t let the kids see it until it was finished (no figuring out before I was ready).


I made sure all his problems equaled her numbers.  Then I called out a number and they had to erase the answer. It was really fun.  Of course his was a bit harder so it took him a little longer, but they still had a great time.  We did it several times before they had had enough. 


A great way to practice math…and so much fun too!


Annie Moffatt said...

So cute! Some great learning there! The Director is getting so big!!

Allison said...

What an awesome way to combine the two learning levels. I'm pinning this to do with my older boys! Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

Rebecca English said...

I have featured this on the Sunday Showcase:

johnpeterjohn said...

Nice Snaps are very pleasant!!
cool math

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