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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 19–Kindergarten

Our final week of winter/polar animals.  We talked and learned mostly about Penguins, but I did include other polar animals too.  We read books about penguins and went online to see them.  See the preschool post for these links.

We made a chart and labeled in with the parts of a penguin along with the food they like to eat. 


Then the Director did a cut and paste sheet labeling the penguin.  This idea and worksheet is from Kindergarten Crayons.


Kindergarten Crayons also had a very cute reader about penguins and the fact that they are birds.  The last page he drew his own.  He did an absolutely fantastic job.  I was amazed at his penguin.  I need to encourage his drawing more.


The next day, we did a tree chart about penguins.  What a penguin has, can, and likes.  This idea also came from Kindergarten Crayons. 


He then did a tree graph of his own, putting the right words for each branch.  He liked doing this.  (I made this sheet as I could not find it on her website).


Here he is reading the book Tacky the Penguin.  He is really enjoying reading.  He reads everything.  How awesome.


Just a peek of one day of math.  This is Singapore Math 1A.  There is a textbook and a workbook.  I guess you could write in the textbook (shown), but I want to be able to use it with the girls so instead we use a notebook for activities in the textbook.  I usually write what he tells me, because writing is not his favorite thing and he does all the writing in the workbook.  Here we are working on number bonds.  He still enjoys math, but 1A is a bit more work than the Kindergarten book so we have slowed down. 


Gearing up for Ready2Read Level 2.  I knew that in level 2 there would be long vowels using silent E. Up until now we have just worked on short vowels, so to prepare I used a couple of worksheets from Annie Moffat, the creator of Ready2Read.  I first talked about it with him then we did the first worksheet together.  I told him that when there is an “e” at the end of the word it is silent, but that it tells the other vowel to say its name.  First he read the CVC word, then added the e at the end and re-read it with a long vowel.  He got it!  Now he points out all the silent e words he sees everywhere. 


It seems like he didn’t do much this week, but I just didn’t get photos of everything.  He did a lot of math and we did a couple art projects.  One based on Tacky the Penguin which I posted about here. And another one that I will post separately. 

That is it for winter/polar activities.  Good thing too since we are head long into spring now.  I have some ideas for spring already, actually too many, but I will try to fit several in.  I think we will spend a week on just spring, then we will move onto plants/gardens.  I also want to do a science week (or 2) working with color, culminating with rainbows and weather.  Then in May I want to do a Pond theme.  I have been gathering ideas for that for a couple of years so I am quite excited to get going on that.  But no matter what theme we may be on, I am still going to keep the reading, math, and letter of the week schedule (for Sweet Pea) so that I will finish up by the end of May. Big plans, we will see if they all get done.  Hopefully we can stay healthy and have some fun.  Thanks for stopping by.


Keri said...

I love the tree chart about penguins. I hope you don't mind, but I am planning on borrowing your idea ;) ~> We love doing Unit studies, to me they just make homeschooling more fun! I think the chart will apply to alot of other things. We are planning on doing a spring one soon too, about flowers.

BTW, Love your blog!

Keri~ A home-school momma who is THANKFUL for her son’s Kindergarten Online Curriculum

Annie Moffatt said...

This post is so cute, Jackie! I can't believe he drew that penguin!! AWESOME! I will be meeting Fran on the 6th and I will tell her that you love her stuff:) It will make her happy!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the go right ahead and use it, I got the idea from someone else. We sill be using more graphs, and maps in the future.

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