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Thursday, February 2, 2012


During week 14 of our little school the theme has been Winter.  You know cold, snow, ice, etc.…yes Winter!  Our weather has been anything but winter around here.  Oh yeah, it is not 70 degrees or anything, so maybe to some this would be winter to them, but normally January is the coldest month of the year around here, and when I say cold I mean below zero cold, for at least a couple of weeks or so.  And we usually get a good amount of snow.


This is February 2011. 



So during our first week of Winter theme, I decided we would go for a winter walk with the kids.

This is the same park as the above pictures.  This day it was 52 degrees and as you can see no snow!  Now a few days later we had a cold snap…but it only lasted three days and we have been back above freezing (meaning snow melting) ever since.  Although most adults think this is a great winter, many kids do not.  Except they did get to go for a walk because it was so nice.


And although Sweet Pea has an ornery look on her face we had a very good time.  The lake that is in the back did have some ice on it, but there were “thin ice” warning signs everywhere.  Now that we are into February and the sun is getting stronger every day I don’t think we will have really bad cold spell, which is OK with me.  We could still get a snow fall or two, but they won’t last long now as the groundhogs around here did not see a shadow, so Spring is right around the corner right?  I can see the tulips now!


Annie Moffatt said...

Whoo-Hooo! You won Jackie!! Email me and tell me which of the two items you want! Great photos by the way!

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