It's Elementary

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Roll A Fall Tree

Last week we played a fun game call Roll a Fall Tree (I can’t find where I got it).  The Director uses a die with dots and Sweet Pea uses one with numbers.  I just printed out numbers 1-6 and pasted them to a large die.  She probably could count the dots, but at this point it is a little slow, and the Director probably wouldn’t have the patience needed to let her count and figure out which leaf she can add.  Sweet Pea actually won, she finished first,  but we don’t focus so much on that.  We just want to have fun learning.  I laminated the trees and the number/die pages.  I added velcro to the tree and the leaves so that they would stay put.  It also helped them show their trees when they were done.
Here are their finished fall trees. Funny kids huh? 
Getting ready for week 7 now, you should see my desk, what a mess.


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