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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elmer–my first stART

Well at least the first time I posted stART.  During Week 6 of our school year we read the book Elmer. I love this book.  It is such a cute story with a nice message.  It lended itself perfectly to an art project.  I printed off a picture of an elephant that I downloaded from the internet…sadly I don’t remember where and there is no copyright on my download.  The inspiration for this project came from here.


I gave each of the kids a copy of the print out and several colors of paint along with a sponges in square shapes.  The director was so into getting his squares (patchwork) just right.  I told them it didn’t matter if they went off the edge because we would be cutting out the elephant.  This still was hard for the Director.
Sweet Pea just had a good time with the paint.  She did pretty good placing her squares too!
After the paint dried  I re-outlined them with a black sharpie so the shape of the elephant would pop.  They added a googly eye then cut out.  Next it was mounted with glue on paper of their choice.  Whenever it is there choice it is ALWAYS green for him and pink for her.  The Director has loved the color green ever since he was just tiny.  I have a bunch of crayon sets that only the green color is used.  Pretty funny. And of course Sweet Pea is very fond on pink.  This is how they turned out.

The Director wanted to add Elmer’s name to the paper. 
They had a lot of fun making Elmer, painting or using paint is always a favorite.  In my next post for stArt they really get into painting.  Until then.


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