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Friday, March 14, 2014

Just popping in for a very quick post.  As you probably have noticed I have not been posting to this blog since my favorite little kiddos went to public school and I started working full time.  Well there will be no change in the foreseeable future.  The kiddos are doing great, really great and I will not be teaching them anymore.  I just wanted to thank all that followed this blog and made comments.  I also want to thank Annie Moffatt for helping me along in my journey both in blogging and staring a teacher store.

Speaking of the teacher store.  I will be closing the store by the end of April.  I have not had the time nor the energy, not to mention motivation (since I am no longer teaching) to make any new product.  I had plans, but as they say...the best laid plans... well don't always work out. So if there is anything you want to get before it closes make sure you do it by the end of April.  Thanks again for all your support.

Bye, its been great!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

August Calendar Freebie and News!

Just thought I would pop in and let you know I have posted the August calendar.  I included two different sets of cards because I know some are going back to school, and some are still enjoying summertime.




You can download them HERE!

I have been putting off sharing the news of our little homeschool for a  very long time.  For a while I hoped things wouldn’t change…but I guess the only constant in life IS change!  My little sweeties are going to public school in the fall.  The Sweet Peas will be starting Kindergarten, and the Director  will be in First Grade (it’s his age level). If you have followed me these last two years you know that I only taught one of the girls and the Director.  The other Sweet Pea was in therapy and school for her Autism.  She has done beautifully, and I am so happy for that.  This year she will be in Kindergarten and she can’t be more excited.  She has the start date for school circled on her calendar and has shown it to me several times.  The surprise was that the Director started exhibiting behaviors similar (in a way) to his sister and was diagnosed with Aspberger’s Syndrome along with ADHD. In retrospect many of the signs were there, but we didn’t seem to realize it (especially me) until last summer.  My daughter started wondering if some of his behavior might be autism, and she was correct. To say this last year was a challenge would be an understatement, especially for my daughter.  The Director started getting therapy last year, and he will continue to get help this coming school year.  At this point homeschooling is just not working for them, and they are going to, what we have been told is, a very good school for kids with special needs.  This school even has a sensory room, which I guess is pretty rare.

I don’t pretend to know all there is to know about these two conditions.  In fact I feel as though I know nothing.  But…my daughter has pretty much become an expert.  She has totally changed they way they eat (not that they ever ate badly).  They have absolutely no artificial anything.  It is amazing what you find out they put in food!!! Did you know most pickles have artificial color added??? Crazy! So now she makes quite a bit of their food from scratch, including pickles.  She also has completely gotten rid of all chemicals in her home.  Everything is natural. She is very knowledgeable about many natural substances that can help the kids. So I am confident they are making very good decisions. 

So there it is…no more homeschooling.  At this point I still don’t know what I will do about my teacher store.  I truly enjoyed making schooling materials, but since I recently had to return to work (a whole different story) I don’t know how much time and energy I will have to continue.  I do have several ideas for things, but I am not sure at this time.  I also have a ton of school stuff that I am trying to sell.  I may put it on the blog, but I don’t know if shipping costs would make it too expensive for someone to purchase.  I know lot’s of “I don’t know”.  Other than a garage sale, and Craig's list (which I have tried) do you have any ideas of where I could sell stuff? 

If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area check out my Craig’s list ad here.  This is just a few of the books I have.  I have a ton more books and materials in very good shape if not brand new.

Here are some photos of this spring/summer of fun (so far).  I love these kids so much, and I will miss not spending my week days with them. 


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  It was a great privilege help these little ones in their learning process, and I am confident they will do wonderfully in school this fall.  I plan on keeping tabs on them in their new learning adventures and I may share them with you here.  Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

July Calendar Freebie

It sure has been a long time since I have posted.  A lot has changed in the last few months.  I am not quite ready to explain or talk about it all just yet, but I will soon. 

Early in the year when I released my 2012-2013 calendar cards for the school year I made them for an average school year …September – June.  But as some of you have told me, there are those that school all year long.  So I made the July calendar and will be working on August shortly. You can pick it up for free.


Download HERE!

Have a great summer!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Showers–Freebie


April is just around the corner, and what is April known for…rain.  Well rain is better than snow.  I much prefer precipitation that soaks into the ground.  You can trade in your shovel for an umbrella.  I hope you enjoy this little freebie that helps to celebrate a new month and season. 


Just click on the picture above or you can click HERE!

Freebie Fridays

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New April Showers Learning Pack

Just a quick post to share my latest learning pack that is now available in my Teacher’s Notebook store.  It is filled with a lot of fun spring rain and rainbow  learning.



Included in this pack:

  • ABC order
  • Beginning Sound Clouds
  • Color Word Memory
  • Match a Cloud and Raindrops (beginning sounds)
  • Read and Color the Room
  • Rhyming Word Clouds
  • Color by Letter- All the colors of the Rainbow
  • Math Mat: Counting-Addition-Subtraction
  • Rainbow Addition
  • Rainbow Patterns
  • Make Your Own Pattern
  • Rainbow Roll and Graph

You can download it HERE!


Coming Soon!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Buzzing Beehive–Freebie

We are all in anticipation of SPRING around here. Sunshine, warmer temperatures and green everywhere instead of gray and snow.  As I look out my window today all I see is more snow, and more gray.  I really need spring.  So I thought I would have a FREEBIE that will make me think of spring.  This is part of a packet that I am working on for spring.  In order to have all those lovely flowers out there, we need bees.  This is a little activity for counting.  I hope you enjoy it.



Just click on the picture to download it!

Or you can click HERE!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Calendar Might Say March…

…and March is the month of spring, but one look out my window and you can see that Winter still has a strong hold here.




So I thought I would share our winter tree art project.  This project is very similar to our fall tree that we did earlier in the year.

The supplies are pretty simple:

  • 1 large sheet of construction paper (per child)
  • 1 sheet of brown construction paper (per child)
  • glue
  • shaving cream
  • scissors
  • paintbrush


I pre-cut the main trunk of the tree, then provided strips of different sizes to create the branches. The child glues the main trunk to the large sheet of construction paper, the adds the branches.  I encourage them to think of a Y shape for making all the branches. Next they added the “snow” made from one part glue to one part shaving cream.  I got the recipe from several sources on the  web.  Then paint away!


I did this project at two different times, one with The Director, and Sweet Pea #1, then another time with just Sweet Pea #2.  I only got pictures of Sweet Pea #2 doing her tree.  I had a snowflake punch, so they added snowflakes, but that would not be necessary. If you notice on The Director’s he also included a squirrel digging for a nut.


I plan to do a spring tree and a summer tree, then do a mini unit on the four seasons.  I hope it looks and feels like spring soon.  I have had enough winter for this year.  If you are still in the throws of winter, you can visit my winter pinterest board for a lot of fun ideas.

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